Cutting Taxes and Spending

Like President Trump, Brandon is a business guy, not a career politician – he knows what it takes to create jobs and ignite our economy. That’s why he worked with Governor Deal in 2018 to pass historic income tax cuts on businesses and families to put more money in your pocket. 

Now, he’s working with Governor Kemp and Lt. Governor Duncan to pass major cuts in government spending, slashing waste and reducing the size of government.


As the Chair of the Senate Transportation Committee Brandon is the leading voice when it comes to rebuilding Georgia’s infrastructure and transportation systems, helping boost Georgia’s record setting economy. He’s been the key leader in getting major transportation improvements in Cherokee and North Fulton delivering over $90 million in projects here at home.

Georgia Students First

Senator Beach has filed legislation, the ‘Keep Georgia Kids First Act’, that would require Georgia’s four leading research universities to offer at least 90% of their early admissions to state residents. Currently, the four universities accept more than 40% of early admissions from out of state. Sen. Beach firmly believes this must be rectified to ensure that Georgia’s best and brightest find their best opportunities for success here, not elsewhere.

Protecting Life At All Stages

Brandon is one of the most pro-life members in the State Senate and fully supported Governor Kemp’s ‘Heartbeat Bill’ that banned abortions once a heartbeat is detected. Despite relentless attacks from Hollywood liberals, Brandon stood strong in his defense of innocent life and he will never waver in protecting those who that cannot defend themselves.

2nd Amendment

Brandon has been a staunch defender of our 2nd amendment rights in the State Senate. In 2016 he helped pass legislation allowing concealed carry on Georgia’s college campuses. This commonsense legislation provides students the ability to exercise their freedom to defend themselves if necessary. He will continue to defend our constitutional rights.

Cracking Down Crime & Illegal Immigration

Brandon’s #1 priority is protecting Cherokee and Fulton County families. He fully supports Governor Kemps efforts to crack down on the rising gang activity in our state and will make sure Georgia continues to work with federal authorities to deport criminal illegals in our communities.  

Standing With President Trump

Brandon Beach stands with President Trump and will make sure Georgia continues to do everything it can to support his America First Agenda.

Religious Freedom

Our religious freedoms are under attack, with an ever increasing call for the government to force both our religious leaders and our business owners to violate their deeply held religious beliefs. This is unacceptable. That’s why, despite opposition from both sides of the aisle, Brandon took bold action and voted for the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. He will continue to fight any effort to compel Georgians to act in violation of their faith.


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