Aaron Barlow is missing the facts.

Fact: MARTA is Prohibited by Law from Coming to Cherokee

In 1965, when MARTA was created, by law it was limited to five counties: Fulton, Cobb, Gwinnett, DeKalb, and Clayton. The fact is that MARTA is legally barred from expanding into Cherokee County.

Senate candidate and recent Milton resident Aaron Barlow has sent out several campaign mailers alleging incumbent Senator Brandon Beach is working to expand MARTA into Cherokee County.  But by law, MARTA can’t move into Cherokee County.

Today, Cherokee County Commission Chair Buzz Ahrens released a statement emphatically denying any such claim:

“As Chair of the Cherokee County Board of Commissioners, I’ll be the first to tell you that MARTA is NOT coming to our county. It cannot according to the MARTA Act of 1965. I call on Aaron Barlow to immediately end any and all communication that claims otherwise. Aaron Barlow is simply not telling the truth – just like he’s not telling the truth about Brandon Beach’s conservative record on behalf of Cherokee County. As Chairman of Cherokee, candidate Barlow has to date not reached out to me in an attempt to understand the dynamics of Cherokee County. This is a huge gap in understanding our county.”

Fact: Beach Not a Senator When TSPLOST Passed the State Senate

But this isn’t the first time Aaron Barlow has been called out for spreading misinformation during the campaign.

Barlow recently accused Brandon Beach of voting for TSPLOST while in the State Senate. The truth is that Beach wasn’t a State Senator when that legislation passed.

Fact: Barlow MIA on TSPLOST

While Aaron Barlow campaigns about the evils of TSPLOST, his voting record shows that he didn’t even vote in the election that decided the issue.

Why is Barlow missing these facts? It probably has something to do with the fact that Barlow was living in Chicago, using his Chicago residence to sue the tenant who occupied his Milton home.