As your State Senator, I’ve made it my priority to BE BOLD in defense of the unborn. That’s why I’ve consistently voted for legislation advancing the cause of life in our state.

Just this past session, I was proud to support Senate Bill 308, creating a grant program to provide funds for nonprofit pregnancy resource centers that prevent abortions and assist in new adoptions.

Because of my dependable record in defense of life, I’m proud to be certified pro-life by the Georgia Life Alliance, Georgia’s National Right to Life affiliate and leading pro-life organization.

That’s why it’s so disappointing that my opponent willfully misrepresented Georgia Life Alliance’s position in this campaign, claiming they endorsed his campaign:

Barlow FB Post

In fact, Georgia Life Alliance recently had to contact my opponent directly, requesting that he immediately stop claiming their endorsement in his campaign literature:

GLA Letter

You deserve a Senator with a proven record of fighting to support life. And you deserve a Senator who won’t misrepresent Georgia’s pro-life community.